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New Year = New Events! @ Leadfeather Guns

Join us at LeadFeather Guns & Ammo for these exciting events, where our commitment to quality, community, and unparalleled customer experience shines through. Discover our extensive selection of firearms and accessories, benefit from our expert services, and be a part of our journey as we continue to exceed expectations and foster a love for shooting in a family-friendly setting.

  1. Canik – May 4th, 2024: “Experience the precision and craftsmanship of Canik firearms, showcasing their latest models and technology in our exclusive May event.”
  1. Huxwrx – June 8th, 2024: “Join us in June for a special showcase by Huxwrx, featuring innovative suppressor technology and expert demonstrations.”
  1. IWI – July 13th, 2024: “Discover the robust and reliable firearms from IWI in our July event, including hands-on experiences with their acclaimed tactical weapons.”
  1. CZ – August 10th, 2024: “Explore the world of CZ firearms this August, where we’ll highlight their exceptional range of pistols and rifles for both sport and defense.”
  1. Christensen – September 21st, 2024: “Witness the cutting-edge technology of Christensen firearms in September, with a focus on their precision rifles and advanced carbon fiber designs.”
  1. Bergara – October 5th, 2024: “Join us in October to experience Bergara’s renowned accuracy, featuring a lineup of top-class hunting and tactical rifles.